What Fishing Tackle is needed..?



For the majority of the Zander Fishing you will experience in this UK, such as Shallow Drains, Canals, Small Still Waters or for fishing up to 50 yards, you would only need a minimum of a 12ft rod with either a 2.25lb or 2.5lb test curve.  Having a more softer tip will give you that extra under the tip playing power, this would lead to less fish being lost at the net.

For the rest of your Zander fishing where you are likely to enclounter some sort of Flow, Distance Casting and Extra Depth, such as Large Stillwaters, Deeper Drains and Strong Flowing Rivers, such as the River Thames, Severn and Trent.  This would require something a bit special, a 12ft 2.75lb or 3lb test curve through action rod. 

You can purchase some Good Quality rods these days from around £45 upto whatever you want to pay.  Daiwa, Fox, JRC, Shimano, all produce similair rods that would be ideal for this type of fishing.

And no matter what company you purchase from and what ever price you pay, the rods will all do the same job.  Catch Fish.


Depending on the distance you are fishing from the bank, and the strength of the flow of the river you are fishing will all go into what type of reel you require.

If you are only fishing Canals, Small Stillwaters, Drains, Some smaller rivers then the type of reel would be anything that would easily handle 200m of 12lb to 15lb line, but if you like to cast a long way, fish wide deep rivers and Drains, which may have a strong flow, then the type of reel you would require is totally different.

You would require something like a Free Spool Design (Baitrunner) that can handle 300m of 12lb-15lb line, the baitrunner type reel would come into its own when used on a steady or faster flowing river, plus the extra 100m of line would be ideal for casting the extra distance.


If you are the serious Zander angler and want to stay out all night or for a few days, then the type of fishing equipment will change.  Living on the bank can be made easy, just make sure you have reliable tackle.

A decent set of Electronic Bite Alarms and Drop off indicators, you need a bright light, with a good loud sound, that can be carried a distance in windy conditions.  Their are some better quality alarms out there, and some start from as little as £24. 

The most popular makes are Delkims, Fox Microns, Pro Logic Polyphonic, Billy's Drop offs.  Nearly all the Alarms these days are digital, I'm still using analogue alarms, they still work for me.   You would have to go along way to beat Fox for probably the best Drop Indicators, from £10 to £17.

You need shelter, this keeps off the Great British Weather, occasional summer shower, the dew and mist in the early hours, and the sun in the daytime, when you are trying to sleep.

In the summer and early autumn months (June to September), you can quite easily get away with a larger brolly, with stormsides.  You can get the brolly quite low to the bank, and the additional storm sides keep the wind off  you, plus you can push your bedchair right back.  Some of the newer brollies even have overwraps or zip on fronts, in case of a freekish storm.

I have seen some poor quality brollies ripped apart on the Middle Level in Norfolk. 

So its worth spending those extra few pounds if you can, to enjoy your fishing session without having to spend the whole night holding on to whats left of your shelter.

But if you are  a Hardcore Anglers and want to stay out through the colder darker nights of the harsh winter months, then you are gonna need something extra.  You could buy the overwrap for your summer bivvy/brolly.  Or you could have something quite the opposite. A Bivvy.

The most popular type of bivvy these days seems to be the Pram Hood design, make sure though, that you have enough room in your swim for one.  This type of shelter is made from alloy or steel poles for strength, and rigidness.  Plus you tend to get two skins, to keep out the mosquitos and the damp.

Popular Brands - Adventa (Angling Direct), Kevin Nash, JRC,  Trakker, Aqua, Chub

Now you have your shelter, all you need is something to sit or sleep on and when it gets cold sleep on.  A good comfortable bedchair need not cost the earth, plus there are different sizes to fit all anglers...   Some bed chairs now come with a lightweight folding seat you can literally clip on top...

Which ever make or model you choose, you will need to be comfortable throughout the night and maybe a few days...

Your laid on your super padded, extra comfy bedchair and it starts to get chill, damn you left your duvet at home, the next best thing is a 3-4 season sleeping bag rated down to - 20.  The last thing you need to happen is getting hyperthermia or even worse Man Flu.  Think about the filling in the sleeping bag, the size of the bag and what it weighs rather than the cost.  Remember its going to help keep you ALIVE.

Go for the specialist sleeping bags in tackle shops or army surplus stores, these were built for the cold.  A Decent Stove, Thermal Waterproofs, Remember the Fens are flat and when the wind blows it gets cold. 

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